Hanging in Seattle and Into Vancouver Island

August 4th - August 8th, 2012

The next few days were spent hanging out in Seattle. It's a city I'd always liked, and wanted to spend more time getting acquainted with it before riding into Canada.

Saturday, August 4th: Relaxing and Kayaking

Nice, relaxing day in Seattle spent at a coffee shop, and going on a kayak ride to Blake Island and back.

Amazing sunset and Mt. Reinier in the background

Sunday, August 5th: Sea Fair in Seattle

We met up with some of Libby's friends to go out on their boat to watch the air show and get some time swimming in Lake Washington. Huge, loud, expensive flying machines always bring a smile to my face.

F18 and blue skies

After Sea Fair, I packed up my gear, and headed over to visit and stay with some friend's of my girlfriend's, Katie and Ezra. Couchsurfing for-the-win. Thanks for the hospitality, Libby!

Monday, August 6th: Coffee and Touristing in Seattle

One the items on the Seattle list was to hit as many coffee shops as possible to see if they lived up to the hipe. Well... I found an amazing one with, as Katie would agree, the best Americano I've had. Shout out to Zeitgeist Coffee Shop - you guys do great work. I hung out there for hours that day, and met some people in the tech-business scene thanks to Libby.

Close to dinner time, I headed to Pike Place Market to buy some fish and food to cook dinner with my hosts.

At home in Pike Place Market

Tuesday, August 7th: More Coffee and Another Hospital

The people at Zeitgeist put up with me for another day while I worked on getting the blog up and running, and playing on the Internet. Afterward, the task for the day was to do some maintenance on the motorcycle to get it ready for the ride into Canada. Nothing major - replacing the lost bushing on the center stand, installing some o-rings on the fog-lights, and tightening bolts with Locktite.

Unfortunately for Katie, the day was not going according to plan. She had been stung by a bee, and started having an allergic reaction. Ezra and I picked up Thai food, and brought it back. By the end of dinner, it was clear she was not doing well, and a short time afterward started feeling her tongue swell. Time to go to the hospital, where I dropped off Katie and Ezra, and went to park the car. She was quickly stabilized, but would be kept in observation for some hours. Woo!

Wednesday, August 7th: Bye Seattle, Hello Canadia

Packed up, said goodbye to my hosts, and hit the road. The route would take me through Tacoma, WA, and up to Port Angeles, WA, where the ferry to Victoria, BC, Canada would be caught. If time allowed, I would take a detour to Hurricane Ridge, in the Olympic National Park.

Lunch a the most Republican/Conservative Restaurant EVER

Food Porn: Delicious burger and "Freedom Fries" (yes, that's what was on the menu)

Hurricane Ridge

This was the first time taking a motorcycle on a ferry, and friendly people showed me some tricks; how to use the stop-blocks, and the best way to tie the bike down to avoid it tipping over.

First ferry experience

I barely passed inmigration in Victoria, BC. Apparently my story is suspect, especially having been born in Colombia, and just traveling around on a motorcycle - "Do you have enough money? Will I look for a job in Canada? etc."I ended up talking to two supervisors, who quickly understood my plan, and we ended up chatting about motorcycles and South America.

The destination for the day was reached around 8:30pm. I would be visiting extended family not seen since I was a young boy, and helping out in their business - a beautiful vineyard in Cowichan Bay, near Duncan, BC.

Cooking with family & Vincent, the French intern

Next up - my stint at a vineyard.

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